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In the beginning of car sharing there were no computers in the car yet. All customers had a key with which they could open all key-boxes. In the keybox there was the reservation file and the key. So one had to reserve tht car first here at the box...!
Since 1993 reservation by phone is possible. The car-ignition key was still layed down in the box which all customers could open with their key.

It has become less complicated and the key-boxes are not being used anymore. Reservation is done by internet or phone.
Via SMS it is transmitted to the computer in the car and the customer can open the reserved car with his personal card and start moving off.

You can read the whole history of car sharing in Switzerland in the internet...

Because these key-boxes are not being used anymore, some of them have been changed into safe cache-boxes with (mostly) a big logbook.
The first one is in Rümlang. Further boxes will be opened in the future.

Searching a Cache:
Usually the car-key can be found through a riddle. With the key-number you can calculate the coordinates of the final key-box. With the key the safe cache-box can be opened.
Short variant 1:
Customers with an old key can get directly to the box....
People who have been customers for a very long time have a key with a shorter number. Please send this number to us by mail and we'll send you the final coordinates.
Short variant 2:
If you have found a travelbug, you can read the key-number and find the cache more quickly...

Additional car sharing-caches are welcome! Please let us (Sternli) know before publishing. Thank you!

A log-pattern for the file is avilable!

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